1. How do I log-in to Reserves Direct?

  • Use your Bard e-mail username and password

2. How do I find my courses on Reserves Direct?

  • Log-in to Reserves Direct.
  • Click on “Join Class”.
  • Search by either Department or your Professors name.
  • Choose the class to join.

3. Can I join a class that I am not taking?

  • Yes, all classes are Open.
  • Join in the same way you would if you were enrolled in the course.

4. When I log-in to Reserves Direct do I have to join my class every time?

  • No, once you have joined a class it will show up on your home page every time you log in.

5. I joined a class that I am no longer enrolled in, how do I stop it from showing up on my home page?

  • Click on “Leave Class”.
  • Select the class you are no longer enrolled in and click continue.
  • The class should no longer be on your home page.


If you have any other questions, please email (reserves@bard.edu) or call ext 7312.